Almost Classic French Onion Soup


I need to remember that there is always a story behind the food. Sometimes as food bloggers, we often get stumped about what to write about. I mean honestly, what in the world does my dog Hula have to do with French onion soup? Well everything, because she is just awesome, but that’s besides the […]

Yellow Tomato Gazpacho


This chilled soup is the epitome of summer. It’s ice cold, silky smooth, bright yellow with a small kick and is a super easy recipe too! I have made another traditional gazpacho which has different sweet tomatoes and peppers, but I was really eager to make something golden and gorgeous. The first gazpacho soup I […]

Silky Smooth Tomato Gazpacho


When I want the perfect outcome-I research. It’s an obsession really. I make an impulse decision to make or create a recipe and thoroughly research every detail about why that ingredient will benefit this dish. And how I can make it better. For this weeks #TomatoLove post, soups was the chosen category and with tomatoes […]