Homemade Tahini Sauce with Roasted Vegetables

This has been deemed my “back on track” week!

I know, we all have those…they usually fall a week after some food infested Holiday and after we gorge our self to the max and find jean imprints on our hips…

I have not been keeping up with my side of the bargain. Yeah yeah…I can blame it on school and finals and all that, but honestly I just need to stop thinking and do! Ha! This is going to be a new kind of summer. A more active, healthy and vibrant summer.

And because all this summer fun starts this week, I really want to find new ways to incorporate veggies in my diet.


Have you ever had tahini sauce? It’s mostly served at Mediterranean restaurants with meat, chicken and vegetables. Ground sesame is bottled into a paste that’s used for other dips, such as hummus and baba ghanoush, but you can also take tahini and transform it into a gorgeous and simple dip.

I’ve had tahini sauce a million times before but never made it, so I had to look up the basics on what creates the smooth consistency. It’s an incredibly easy and flavorful sauce with minimal ingredients. Lemon juice, garli

c, salt and pepper and some water to thin the paste out and that’s all you need. Dip some roasted or grilled veggies in and you will never eat them any other way again.



1) In a food processor, pulse garlic first to chop up finely.

2) Next, add the rest of the ingredients and blend until smooth. Stop every few seconds and mix up with a spatula to break up the thick parts and blend again until desired consistency. Season to taste.