Mom’s Stuffed Grape Leaves


I grew up eating grape leaves. They are an acquired taste being that the grape leaves sit in brine and stuffed in jars. The brine soaks into the leaves and at the first turn of the jar you can smell the aroma of…brine. I don’t know how else to explain brine…vinegary with a slight tang, […]

Sephardic Spinach Pie


I sometimes have pet peeves, as many of us do and some particularly really seem to tick me off. Now I may be over-reacting in my own head, because I often do this and then I begin to talk out loud thinking these thoughts are only in my head until the person besides me gawks […]

Fasulye- Turkish Green Beans


This dish is dear to my childhood and to my stomach. Called fasulye, it is based off of my Mom’s Sephardic-Jewish side of the family and is truly and family gem. My mother learned to make this from her Great-Grandmother and all the women in our family have a certain twist to their fasulye. My mom […]