Fasulye- Turkish Green Beans

This dish is dear to my childhood and to my stomach. Called fasulye, it is based off of my Mom’s Sephardic-Jewish side of the family and is truly and family gem. My mother learned to make this from her Great-Grandmother and all the women in our family have a certain twist to their fasulye. My mom tells me stories of how her, Aunt Clara and Grandma and Great-Grandma would all sit on the floor with large bowls of green beans snapping each end of every one. If there was still a string left, Mom’s Grandma spotted it.

The way I grew up with my mom making it, was with lamb and or beef and the meat was cut into large chunks. My Aunt however, prefers to leave the beef in whole steaks, allowing the meat to fall off the bone itself, which is the way I made it this time.
Fasulye is simple and heart-warming. Thinking about it makes me cozy inside. The ingredients are simple and the flavors pronounced. The combination of condensed tomato water and green beans melds together so well and creates a distinct flavor only this pairing can illustrate. Beef steaks are added and they slowly cook for hours, allowing the meat to tenderize and fall of the bone. This is even better the next day…and the next. We serve this dish with jasmine rice and it is incredible. Slop the saucy tomato gravy over the rice and dig in. Enjoy with the women in your family, of course, the men won’t be disappointed either.


2 Rib-eye steaks, trimmed well (about 1-1 ¼ lb each)
3 small cans tomato paste (6oz each)
3-4 c French green beans, ends removed
4-5 c water
Salt and pepper
Jasmine rice, cooked (optional)


1) If you haven’t already, trim your steaks and pat them dry.

2) In a large Dutch oven, add water and cans of tomato paste. Stir in tomato paste well until diluted and water turns a dark red.

3) Place trimmed steaks directly in tomato broth and season generously with salt and pepper.

4) Place green beans on top of steaks and tomato broth. It is OK if some green beans are submerged but most should not be so they can be steamed.

*If using frozen green beans, make sure they are very dry before adding to pot.

5) Heat on a medium simmer and allow to cook for about 3 hours. When done, meat should be tender and green beans cooked but still with a bite.



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