1st 5K….Completed!


I can’t believe I just said that! This has been a goal of mine for years…and I am serious when I mean…years! I have done the famous Couch to 5K program and quit before the schedule finished and then started back up just to quick again. I would gawk at lean runners sweeping passed me […]

1 Month till #1st5K


It is just about 1 month to go until my 1st 5 k! But first…check out last nights amazing sunset! This was the sky after my run. Can you believe? And it is official. I signed up for the race. Oct 7…Be there! Which means that gives me exactly 30 days to run a 3 […]

Hello 2.1 miles!

Todays Run: Time: 28min Distance: 2.1 miles Outdoor/Treadmill: Indoor Track Hello 2.1 miles! I got you! Today’s run was AMAZZZING! I set my Nike+ App for distance instead of time to see how long it really takes me to get to 2 miles, since that’s where I was having trouble lately. If I was going […]

2 Mile Plateau and Post-Run Dizzy Spell


Today’s Run: Time: 25 min Distance: 1.93 Outdoor/Treadmill: Outdoors at 10am, bright and sunny! You can’t tell, but this is the incline I loath. I live 2 blocks from the beach and those 2 blocks facing the water go up hill…odd, isn’t it? Today’s run was an interesting one. I was planning on going out […]

It’s a Mental Thing

Today’s run: Time: 25min Distance: 1.96 miles Outdoor/Treadmill: Indoor Track Today’s jog could have been better. I was ready to workout and decided to hit my gyms indoor track instead of the treadmill. It’s an 1/8 mile long and and offered more scenery then a robotic treadmill. The first mile went great. I was blasting […]