Petite Pumpkin Swirl Cheesecakes


It’s only 2 days before Halloween (and my Birthday..yay!) and I am finally cracking the whip on pumpkin making. I have been lacking on this seasonal treat and have been living vicariously through other people’s recipes. But no more do I have to salivate over this thick-skinned root vegetable any longer…because..I…finally opened my FIRST can of […]

Sweet Severed Fingers


I am still a little squeamish looking at this picture, but that is all in the fun, isn’t it? Just about a week left until Halloween (and my birthday…yup!) and I am finally feeling the Halloween spirit, especially after making these creepy and sweet “finger” treats. I saw this simple sugar cookie recipe in Rachael Ray’s […]

Light and Lemony Shrimp Scampi

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Hello Fellow Readers! This is a very special post today, because today I will be featuring a specialty made “flexitarian” pasta dish for the up and coming culinary website, Flex Your Food! Flex Your Food offers a vast variety of recipes and articles showcasing fresh and wholesome foods from fabulous cooks all over the world and I […]

Blueberry Banana Bread Pudding


This is such an easy dish to put together. I like to call this “cleaning out the fridge” breading pudding really…because that’s what I really did! Over-ripe bananas and leftover blueberries bake together in this simple and sweet casserole. Leftover Hawaiian sweet rolls add enough sweetness and allow me to not run to the store […]