Almond-Orange Biscotti


I made biscotti! This is exciting stuff! I have always thought of biscotti as this hard brick-throw against the wall-bruise you up-cement kind of cookie. Ahh, but that was until I discovered this recipe. Fragrant flavors of almond throughout and a burst of bright citrus peel haharmoniously come together to form a glorious morning bite […]

Italian Wedding Cookies


I love these little guys. They’re like little pillows of snow lightly crumbing on your tongue. Consisting of mostly ground almonds is what makes up this delicate and crumbly bite. A healthy dusting of sweet powdered sugar adds just enough sweetness without overwhelming the neutral nutty flavor. I always think that Italian wedding cookies are […]

A Day at The Getty

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Yesterday the hubby and I went to one of our favorite spots in California, The Getty Museum. Normally, I wouldn’t write about non-food related things, but this is my blog and I’ll write what I want to! Ha! I was desperately trying to share with you some of the miraculous views through Facebook on my cell […]