Vegetarian Red Pozole


Well this year has started off pretty awesome and it’s only going to get better! #1, I remembered to add cabbage to the pozole, which was HUGE! Let’s just say I got a lot of grief the last time I made pozole. All my Mexican friends were saying “But there’s no cabbage”, “It’s not pozole […]

Moqueca (Brazilian Fish Stew)


Happy 8th day of Hanukkah! The last day of the festival of lights! I am so thrilled happy that “traveling” around the world was such a fun success! This week, we explored all sorts of countries, including China, Italy, Iran and Korea! Today’s final stop is Brazil with their moqueca aka Brazilian fish stew. A […]

Fasulye- Turkish Green Beans


This dish is dear to my childhood and to my stomach. Called fasulye, it is based off of my Mom’s Sephardic-Jewish side of the family and is truly and family gem. My mother learned to make this from her Great-Grandmother and all the women in our family have a certain twist to their fasulye. My mom […]