Simple Shrimp and Pork Pot-Stickers


Crossing another one off the bucket list….shrimp and pork pot-stickers! I still have about 6 months to conquer over half of the dishes on that list. A lot of them seem like more wintery/cold weather dishes, such as classic French onion soup and homemade gnocchi. I also have been itching to buy my first wok […]

Julia Child’s Bouillabaisse


Fish lovers unite! This weeks Julia presentation is one of my favorites. Aroma’s of the ocean with a light tomato broth. I jumped up and squealed with glee when I received the email of this weeks #JC100 presenting dish. I have a thing for sea food. Maybe it’s because I have always lived around the […]

Thai Take Out-Take In! Spicy Thai Coconut Soup with Shrimp


I have such a busy and exciting day today! I will be meeting up with the coordinator of my schools Health Department and seeing if I can possibly intern for her?¬†Fingers crossed! I’m pretty excited about it! And…not to brag or anything, but tonight Joe and I are celebrating our belated Valentines Day. Oh, to […]

Light and Lemony Shrimp Scampi

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Hello Fellow Readers! This is a very special post today, because today I will be featuring a specialty made “flexitarian” pasta dish for the up and coming culinary website, Flex Your Food! Flex Your Food offers a vast variety of recipes and articles showcasing fresh and wholesome foods from fabulous cooks all over the world and I […]