Grilled Kofta with Eggplant and Tomatoes


We’re pretty darn lucky here in Cali, summer grillin’ really lasts at least 10 month out of the year. But June through August, our beloved char-coal grill certainly gets more of a workout during the summer. By default, Joe always did the grilling. He bought the coals, started the fire and manned the meat. I […]

Hatch Chile Burgers for #BurgerWeek


I have an incredible urge to constantly say “ya’ll” all throughout this bit. Like “Welcome to Burger Week, ya’ll”. But Brooklyn Jewish/Hawaii/Southern Cali chicks don’t exactly say ya’ll all to often. I blame it on this Hatch chile burger! I have to be honest and confess that burgers are not the norm in the Ferraro […]

It’s Time to Grill Your Pizza


This has been our new summer obsession. Rollin’ dough, getting the fire started and grillin’ that bad boy pizza. Grill + Pizza, pure magic. This won’t be a “recipe” post exactly, but more of a “run and do this now” kind of thing. You get it, right? Grilling pizza is so easy, but you […]

Grilled Pineapple Salsa


Summer is in the air, tan lines are multiplying and the grill is gettin’ hot! We bought a charcoal grill/smoker about a month ago and ever since, we have been hooked! There is no comparison between the taste and smell that hot char-coal gives off compared to it’s gas counter-part. The smell is intoxicating and […]