Culinary Bucket List 2012

I am writing this in the last few days of 2011. A journey over the last few month that has brought out the vast array of culinary and creative talents I didn’t know existed.
For a while I have been mentally listing various dishes of different cuisines that I want to make one day and finally as the wonderful year of 2012 approaches-what better way than to create this list for the New Year!

I am open to ideas and suggestions from my readers and will be adding items to the list as interest arises. Once I make the dish, I will cross it off and link it to the post!

Sounds fun, doesn’t it?

Home-made Italian Sausage Done!
Cioppino Done!

Hamantaschen Done!
Poppy seed Filling (for Rugelach, etc)

Julia Child’s Coq au Vin Done!
French Onion Soup
Hollondaise Sauce Done!
Souffle Done!

Hand-Made Steamed Dumplings Done!

Lattice Fruit-Pie  Done!
Home-made Ice Cream Done!
Pastry Cream (for Cream Puffs, desserts)
3 or 4 Strand Challah Done!
Pumpkin Pie (from scratch!)
Apple Tart Tatin
Bread (A good bread-crusty outside and soft/chewy inside)

South American
Home-made Tortillas Done!
Peruvian Aji Sauces

Mediterranean/Turkish (childhood favorites I grew up with and miss)
Fasulye (green bean and lamb stew) Done!
Bimuelos (fried dough with simple syrup) Done!
Ava’s (beans)
Rose Water infused Cookies
Saffron Rice Done!