Spinach Pomegranate Salad with Pumpkin Vinaigrette


With all of the recent indulgences my waist line has been enjoying, a wintery salad sounded just about right. I needed something crisp and fresh to cut all the fat and heavy meals we’ve been having the last few weeks. I cooked up about 3 different kinds of latkes this year, and believe me, I […]

Mom’s Stuffed Grape Leaves


I grew up eating grape leaves. They are an acquired taste being that the grape leaves sit in brine and stuffed in jars. The brine soaks into the leaves and at the first turn of the jar you can smell the aroma of…brine. I don’t know how else to explain brine…vinegary with a slight tang, […]

Lavender Lemon Bars


I couldn’t wait to share this recipe with everyone. This year marked the 2nd Annual Food Blogger Cookie Swap where bloggers all over the world participated in a cookie exchange. There is nothing like getting home-made cookies waiting for you when you come home. Last year I made my famous rugelach which has been getting […]