POG Daiquiri [Guest Post}

Today is my graduation day! And I couldn’t have asked a more perfect person than my fav wahine, Shanna from Pineapple and Coconut to guest post for me today! As you will see, we have a special “Aloha” bond and of course she made the most perfect cocktail for today’s festivities!

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Hi this is Shanna and I am the owner and operator over at the blog, Pineapple  and Coconut. It’s funny that I am doing this guest post for Sam because a few weeks ago I had asked her to do a guest post for me as I was about to have a crazy busy month with finishing up (well almost finishing ) our kitchen remodel and moving into the house, I knew I wouldn’t have as much time to blog so I needed some help from other blogger friends to fill in some gaps. Sam also has had a very busy month with her graduation and wasn’t  going to have much time for  her blog as well and she asked me to guest post pretty much the same day I asked her. She made an awesome, classic Hawaiian dish, the Loco Moco, for my blog and  I wanted to create a fun, Hawaiian drink to celebrate her graduation. So I created this Pog Daiquiri for her.

Hawaii is home away from home. It is my absolute favorite place on earth and every time I meet someone with a connection to Hawaii such as Sam, we almost always hit it off right away. Gotta love that Aloha spirit.

My family went to Hawaii ALL the time when I was growing up; my dad was an airline pilot and was actually based there when I was really little, and I remember having breakfasts at our hotels on Waikiki beach and my favorite treat to get, besides macadamia nut pancakes, was POG.