Silky Smooth Tomato Gazpacho


When I want the perfect outcome-I research. It’s an obsession really. I make an impulse decision to make or create a recipe and thoroughly research every detail about why that ingredient will benefit this dish. And how I can make it better. For this weeks #TomatoLove post, soups was the chosen category and with tomatoes […]

It’s a Mental Thing

Today’s run: Time: 25min Distance: 1.96 miles Outdoor/Treadmill: Indoor Track Today’s jog could have been better. I was ready to workout and decided to hit my gyms indoor track instead of the treadmill. It’s an 1/8 mile long and and offered more scenery then a robotic treadmill. The first mile went great. I was blasting […]

The Start of My Running Journal

I have had a love/hate relationship with running. I have done the infamous Couch to 5K plan numerous times and have neglected to finish through the program countless more times. For years I have had a goal of running 3 miles. And yes, I can do the walk/jog thing, but to run the entire length […]

Happy 1yr BLOGIVERSARY to The LFK + Giveaway + Chimichuri Sauce


Giveaway Closed Happy 1 year Blogiversary to The Little Ferraro Kitchen, to Hula, to Joey, to my everyone that made LFK  delicious over the last 365 days. Almost hard to believe it was 365 days ago since I wrote this for the first time. Today is a celebration of food and happiness. Of finding […]