Behold…Grilled Cheese and Creamy Tomato Soup


Are you ready to have the best thing EVER…in the whole..entire…world? Yes…I am about to present to you..the ultimate classic. The Primo of comfort-foods. The champion of all things right with the world. Behold….Grilled cheese and creamy tomato soup. I’m not sure if you know this, but I have an uncanny obsession with tomatoes. I expressed […]

A Bright and Cheerful Feast: Turmeric-Yogurt Marinated Chicken with Saffron Jasmine Rice


Spring is in the air when I made this dish…or in my mind at least. Not only are the colors insanely vibrant, but so are the flavors. Essences of chili peppers and smoky turmeric meld with creamy yogurt to create an amazing marinade for your favorite main dish. Grilled Meyer lemons pumps up it’s own […]

Spicy Shoyu Ramen – A Satisfying Discovery


  One of the most beautiful and rewarding things about cooking, is the vast cultural influence we all receive and pass on to each other. We test out recipes, share ideas, browse and blend. I love that I grew up in such a diverse-culturally food influenced family…Jewish, Middle Eastern, Hawaiian, Italian….however, Asian was never on […]

Baba Ghanoush and How to Roast Garlic


Well here it is.. finally in my lasting days of Holiday vacation before the bustle of school starts again. And not only school, starting school at the local University! This is a HUGE jump for me, coming from a small City College…I am soo excited! Now I told you I cooked a lot while I […]