Roast Chicken with Fennel and Citrus

This roast chicken with fennel and citrus is a gorgeous and flavorful Mediterranean dinner that is packed with bold flavors!  A vibrant turmeric marinated chicken is braised with fresh citrus and fennel, creating a show stopping main course.

Lets make roast chicken with fennel.  First, gather all of  your Ingredients!

Step 1: To a bowl, add the grated garlic, whole grain mustard, citrus zest and juice, turmeric, thyme, salt and pepper and mix to combine.

Step 2: Dry the chicken with paper towels and add the chicken to the bowl. Rub the marinade all around the chicken until evenly coated.

Step 3: Preheat a cast iron skillet to medium-high and pour in olive oil. Once hot, sear the chicken on both sides until charred.

Step 4: Nestle in the sliced fennel and layer the citrus slices all over along with more fresh thyme and pour chicken stock around the chicken.

Step 5: Place the chicken in a preheated 400 degree Fahrenheit oven and roast for 30 minutes, until the chicken is cooked through and sauce has reduced slightly.

Find the full recipe for Roast Chicken with Fennel and Citrus on  Linked below!