Orange Spiced Pumpkin Souffle


Well…I caved in. I made something pumpkin. Really, I tried as hard as I could to not make something so traditional, so common, so Starbucks-y. But really…look at this gorgeous pumpkin souffle. It can’t be dismissed. I had other ideas intended, such as a savory pumpkin souffle or something with sweet potato and fresh herbs […]

Meyer Lemon Souffle


Ahh, the souffle. I really should be entitling this “The Grand-Amazing-Tower of Perfection Souffle”, but I figured I would keep the post short and to the point. Souffle is deemed the  masterpiece of technique and the damsel of all things baking. The souffle is fragile, beautiful, delicate and oh so temperamental. For my 2nd souffle, […]

Nutella Banana Bread Pudding


I have a thing for nutella, which is funny because I don’t eat chocolate ever. But there is something about the hazelnut that does it for it. It’s floral and aromatic, I would wear it if I could. We now stock our cubbards with jars of nutella but this has only been a recent discovery […]

Julia Child’s Cheese Souffle


Welcome to my first installment into the new Little Ferraro Kitchen series, featuring the Queen of the Kitchen, Julia Child. I will be making and blogging 1 recipe of hers per week, preferably on Fridays (so you can cook it over the weekend) with detailed step by step photos and cooking explanations. As you can […]