Chicken with Dates for Rosh Hashanah


Welcome to the first ever Jewish Holiday Blog Party, hosted by Jessie of Taste and Miriam of Overtime Cook, and sponsored by Kitchen Aid! As you may know, Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year is coming up and Jewish bloggers from all over the world are celebrating with all kinds of twists on traditional Rosh Hashanah foods. […]

Julia Child’s Boeuf Bourguignon for Her 100th Birthday + Giveaway


Happy 100th Birthday Mrs. Child! This is a bitter-sweet time of my life right now. I have learned so much and challenged my cooking talents onto places I never thought I could conquer. I am so honored to celebrate such a special occasion in History. I will never forget the last 100 days. The last […]

Fasulye- Turkish Green Beans


This dish is dear to my childhood and to my stomach. Called fasulye, it is based off of my Mom’s Sephardic-Jewish side of the family and is truly and family gem. My mother learned to make this from her Great-Grandmother and all the women in our family have a certain twist to their fasulye. My mom […]

Jewish Penicillin- Your Favorite Chicken Soup


There is nothing like a big bowl of steaming chicken soup. Non-Jews and Jews alike know of its magical affects as we all deam it “Jewish Penicillin”. An easy soup to throw together, it is usually passed down from generation to generation and every Jewish mom and grandmother will always have a pot simmering away in […]