11 Delicioso Cinco de Mayo Recipes

11 Cinco de Mayo Recipes

Happy May 1st! We are a few days away from one of my fav “food” Holidays…Cinco de Mayo! We all know that us Cali chicks love..love our Mexican food! S0 here are 11 of my favorite South American recipes. Also…today is “May Day” in Hawaii, also known as Lei Day, National Burger Month, National Mediterranean […]

#SaucySuperBowl Fish Tacos for #SundaySupper and other Awesome Eats


  I am SO excited for Superbowl!  But I have to be honest here…I am married to a man that thinks the Quarterback is part of a basketball team. I know, should I even admit that?   I’m even worse, I had to Google what teams were going to be playing. Don’t Judge.   However, […]

The Ultimate Guacamole Recipe!


  I was debating whether to blog about about a basic guacamole recipe. It is so common and everyone does it, right? But why not? I always say, it’s the simplest of ingredients that create the best flavors.   We’re lucky to live in an area with vast amounts of avocados. Even when I go back […]

Sangria: A Sip of South America


    To continue onto our South American journey, let’s grab a glass of refreshing, fruity and oh-so entertaining Sangria!   Hubby and I always try and “theme” our dinner…it is pretty cute actually. Sake with sushi, wine with steak and now sangria with Mexican food! Why not, right?     This is fabulous for all you […]

Green Goddess of Salsa: Roasted Tomatillo Salsa


An impromptu trip to La Venadita, a Mexican market about 15min up the freeway lead us in an enticing chase towards a South American culinary adventure and a first time creation of roasted tomatillo salsa. Tomatillos have always intrigued me. Who are these green jewels wrapped up like a cocoon, and is it really a green tomato? […]