Quinoa Beet and Blood Orange Salad


Confession: I am a bad blogger. Not the food part of it, I got that down pretty good, but the organization part of it. I am never on time with all the holiday foodie parties and what-not. When someone is posting Thanksgiving recipes, I am posting Halloween. When I see weeks of green colored foods, […]

Winter Sweet Potato Salad with Blood Orange Vinaigrette


This is the perfect salad for a chilly winter day, which is what we have here in Cali. Yes..it’s kinda rare. The night before we had something on the heavier side so I was yearning for a crisp salad. Yes…yearning. Of course I didn’t want to have a cold summery salad¬† which would make me […]

Blood Orange Polenta Cake


¬† I am beginning to learn that it is OK in admitting I am not perfect. I know…travesty, isn’t it? Not everything I bake, create and sauce up has to be Martha Stewart approved and Bon-Appetite worthy. I am incredibly competitive in the kitchen and get crazy when the batter is too gloppy. Am I […]