Rainbow Quinoa Salad with Honey Citrus Vinaigrette


Happy St. Patrick’s Day!  I have a beautiful rainbow dish to share to celebrate this colorful day. My rainbow quinoa salad with honey citrus dressing! Sorry, you won’t see any sugar-loaded Shamrock shakes on this site because there are just too many beautiful and naturally colorful foods we can eat with out adding fake dyes […]

Deconstructed Baba Ghanoush with Beets and Za’atar


Confession. I think I am a closet vegetarian. Not vegan, just vegetarian. I love cheese too much and I respect how beautiful cheese is made and cared for. But vegetarian, I could do. It’s rare, nearly every other month or so that I really crave…crave meat. I mean, I will break down doors to find […]

Butternut Squash Latkes with a Chunky Apple Beet Salsa


There are a lot of amazing things happening in my life right now. I forget that sometimes you just have to take a step back and be thankful for healthy family, friends and fabulous opportunities. Life is too short to not enjoy as much as you can and when you get the chance, run with […]

Whole Foods {Long Beach} Mystery Box Challenge: Entree


Whole Foods, Long Beach mystery box challenge continues with the entree portion of the meal. I was given so many amazing ingredients…quinoa, fish, gorgeous colorful produce! I wanted to use it all, but the purist that I am decide to keep things on the simpler and flavor boost side. One of the ingredients I was […]