Hatch Chile Burgers for #BurgerWeek


I have an incredible urge to constantly say “ya’ll” all throughout this bit. Like “Welcome to Burger Week, ya’ll”. But Brooklyn Jewish/Hawaii/Southern Cali chicks don’t exactly say ya’ll all to often. I blame it on this Hatch chile burger! I have to be honest and confess that burgers are not the norm in the Ferraro […]

Creamy Avocado Hummus with Za’atar


It’s an obsession really. Taking a million pictures of my Hula girl. I can’t help it, I want to cherish and savor every waking moment I can with this furry 4-legged being. I mean seriously….look at this face! It wouldn’t be “my blog” without at least 1 photo every now and then of this adoreableness. […]

11 Delicioso Cinco de Mayo Recipes

11 Cinco de Mayo Recipes

Happy May 1st! We are a few days away from one of my fav “food” Holidays…Cinco de Mayo! We all know that us Cali chicks love..love our Mexican food! S0 here are 11 of my favorite South American recipes. Also…today is “May Day” in Hawaii, also known as Lei Day, National Burger Month, National Mediterranean […]