Crossroads at House of Blues: Restaurant Review + Giveaway

One of my favorite things about being a food blogger is all the perks, such as doing restaurant reviews! One of the PR companies I have worked with in the passed asked if they could treat my husband and I to a lovely lunch at the House of Blues. There is one about 20 minutes away from us in Anaheim and right next to Disneyland. So Joe and I took the opportunity to get up early, put on our sneakers and have a kid-filled kinda day. We got up early and were one of the first ones to get there as soon as Disneyland opened. I’m a sucker for the tea cups. We figured a good 3 hours of rides would get us hungry and in the mood for some good grub..which is what I’d like to share with you today! Crossroads is located in the House of Blues. There’s HOB all over the US…here in Cali in Hollywood and at Disneyland, Vegas, Texas…New Orleans which I would LOVE to go to! And note to the wise…don’t order food after running around on 3 hours and starving! We weren’t exactly the “healthiest” dinners that day but once in a while it’s OK to indulge..right?

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We ordered 2 appetizers and this one was insane good! Voodoo Shrimp is sauteed shrimp in a sweet and tangy amber-beer reduction sitting on top  jalapeno cornbread. The sauce is incredible and could certainly be a nice entree. We also ordered portabello mushroom sliders which were awesome! The mushrooms were meaty and flavorful and paired perfectly with smokey Gouda cheese.

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I told ya…we were hungry…very hungry! Apparently I was in a shrimp mood and their shrimp po’boy sounded indulgent enough. I love a good hearty sandwich and this one served it’s purpose times 2! It was huge and definitely on the heavy side. Fried shrimp with a spicy remoulade in a crusty roll. The shrimp were fried pefectly but I have to say that the sauce was lacking, literally. I had to ask for more, which I never do and I also felt that the bread was a bit much. With the heavy fried shrimp and more heavy bread, all that bread was unnecessary. I would have the shrimp with a salad next time or maybe just eat it without the bread, which is what I did. However if you are in the mood for a good fried shrimp dish, this would satisfy just fine!

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Did I mention we were hungry? No shame here. Joe had fried chicken with mashed potatoes. It was a a generous HUGE plate and we had enough leftovers for the next day and to give away. Fried chicken is the one thing I have yet to make so I wanted to experience a good one. This was pretty awesome. The chicken was crispy on the outside and the coating had a good kick of spice..I am thinking either cayenne with paprika? The mashed potatoes were creamy, garlicky and abundant.

House of Blues-Restaurant Review via   At this point we were ready for a nap. Running around Disneyland for 3 hours and with a huge lunch, of course we had to end it with a bang. We ordered their bourbon bread pudding and holy moly was it killer! Indulgent, sweet, creamy, caramely, sticky and luxurious. Just a few bites did the trick adn we took the rest home. I am still dreaming about that caramel sauce. It was rich, thick and had a nice caramel/deep burnt flavor if you can imagine that. Overall we had a wonderful day. We acted like kids at Disneyland and then enjoyed a wonderful coma-induced lunch. Our naps never felt better!


  • 1 Little Ferraro Kitchen reader will be given one (1) $100 “Karma Cash” promotional voucher to use at Crossroads restaurant (excluding Boston).
  • Please go HERE to see where Crossroads and House of Blues locations are.
  • Only U.S. entries, please.

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To help get you a little more hungry…check out their menu!



  1. Carolsue says

    Anaheim is the closest. My parents live there, so I am there all the time! This would be so much fun if I could take them out to dinner here!

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