Roasted Brussel Sprouts with Lemon Zest


This is the dish I make every..single…year for Thanksgiving. Its classic and perfect. Sure, you can add bacon and cranberries and maple syrup (and I seriously need to try that), but with vegetarians at the dinner table every year, this is the go-to veggie. My secret ingredient…lemon zest! I am so infatuated with lemon zest […]

Vegetable and Pancetta Quiche with Potato Crust

Vegetable and Pancetta Quiche with Potato Crust on #GlutenFree

I don’t make quiche often. Actually, this was my first time, if you want to call it a quiche. Instead of the standard butter soaked pastry crust, this quiche layers thin potato slices all along the bottom. I came up with such a neat-o idea in my barely waking hours. That’s usually when I have […]

Easy Homemade Pierogies


This time I nailed it. The peirogie, that is. There are some things you do and think…”Damn, I am good.” This was one of those moments. I grew up on peirogies like most east coasters. The polish dumplings are fond memories ever since I moved away from Brooklyn. However, when we visit Joe’s Aunt Joan […]

Chicken Puttanesca Sandwich


These are some of my favorite flavors. Salty and briny with sweet tomatoes. We always have olives, capers and tomatoes on hand and often go to a pasta puttanesca for a quick dinner. The smell is intoxicating, It really is the slow simmering anchovies that give off such a gorgeous aroma…it’s pretty addictive and the […]