2 Mile Plateau and Post-Run Dizzy Spell

Today’s Run:

Time: 25 min

Distance: 1.93

Outdoor/Treadmill: Outdoors at 10am, bright and sunny!

You can’t tell, but this is the incline I loath. I live 2 blocks from the beach and those 2 blocks facing the water go up hill…odd, isn’t it?

Today’s run was an interesting one. I was planning on going out yesterday but my body and mind was not up to it. So once I woke up this morning, it was go big or go home. I was out in the morning, the sun bright and sky clewar…I was ready.

I am strill struggling to pass 2 miles. What I’m doing is, I set my Nike+ Ipod App for 25 minutes and just go. At the end it tells me how far I’ve gone….today 1.93 miles. Last time it was 1.96. I think what I am going to do from now on is set it at 2.1 miles and see how long it takes me. I honestly thought I would cover more distance today since I felt good, but I did stop and take a pic or 2 so you can see my neighborhood.

I live 2 blocks from this. Beautiful, isn’t it? Kids playing ball…the clear ocean breeze. Doesn’t get any better than this!

So after my run was quite interesting. I stopped right passed my house and walked a bit. Once I walked in my door I felt an instant lightheaded feeling, dizziness and nausea (sorry for TMI). I couldn’t stand up, I thought I would fall over. The last time I felt like this was when I first starting working out with my trainer months ago and I was VERY out of shape. We were doing anaerobic activities and my body was just not ready for it. I was confused at first as to why I was feeling like this. I ate before my run so I knew I didn’t have love blood sugar. I remember breathing and I felt great during the run (besides my mental issues of “Oh God make this stop”).

So in my sweaty self, I layed down a towel as quickly as I could and before I would fall on the floor . I felt better. I tried to get up for a bit and the flash of dizziness quickly came back. Now I knew what was going on. I knew that I had to put my head and heart at the same level…I was hypotensive, in fact orthostatic hypotensive. All those science classes paid off! Orthostatic hypotension is when you feel dizzy when you stand up because your blood pressure drops. I think what happened to me was that I was fine during my run, but I stopped too abruptly. My heart rate and blood pressure was increased, increasing my blood vessels. But once I stopped, my heart rate slowed down and my blood vessels weren’t ready for that yet. So they stayed dilated, thus lowering my blood pressure and making me dizzy.

So what can I do next time? After my runs I will walk long, slowing down my heart rate and now stop so abruptly.  Also, if you feel like this..the first thing to do is not panic! You want to get your head and heart at the same level so blood flow reaches to your head. If it lasts longer, then seek some attention. I only felt like this for a few minutes.

I am also working on some sort of graph or tracking thing to add to my blog posts to show how many miles I am running or something with some sort of schedule. Nike + doesn’t have that with blogs, but I think I can upload to Daily Mile.


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