The Start of My Running Journal

I have had a love/hate relationship with running. I have done the infamous Couch to 5K plan numerous times and have neglected to finish through the program countless more times.

For years I have had a goal of running 3 miles. And yes, I can do the walk/jog thing, but to run the entire length of the course is a challenge I have never finished.

Well..this is going to change.

I am using this blog as my support system and will be introducing you onto my Journey to a 5k.

This will be simple really. Telling you how I feel, the distance, the time, maybe throw in a few scenery shots too.

I have been so inspired by other fabulous runners, such as Stephanie and I hope this makes others inspired as well.

Today’s run:

Time: 22 min

Distance: about 2 miles

Outside/Treadmill: Outdoors

Today’s run was amazing. I  my felt so great afterwards. I just started running with my trainer once a week around my town and it is so motivating. The sun was out, sky crystal clear and my heart pounding out of my chest.

I am getting used to these outdoors runs and he likes to keep a moderate pace where I like to slow it down a bit. The inclines is what kills me though. Some of the streets near my house have a slight incline and running up those can feel torturous.

We had a goal of 22 minutes and stopped about 3 times for no more than 20 seconds each (just to fix my hair). I felt euphoric and accomplished after.

Next goal: 25min non-stop.



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