It’s a Mental Thing

Today’s run:

Time: 25min

Distance: 1.96 miles

Outdoor/Treadmill: Indoor Track

Today’s jog could have been better. I was ready to workout and decided to hit my gyms indoor track instead of the treadmill. It’s an 1/8 mile long and and offered more scenery then a robotic treadmill. The first mile went great. I was blasting Beastie Boys and Blink182 and got in my zone. Then a half a mile after is where I start to lose focus. This always happens to be. I get super excited in the beginning, do great zoning out and stay focused and once my mind wanders…it’s all over from there.

My goal is to work on my mind. Get in the “zone”, stay focused and just go.

The thing that really upset me though, was I stopped exactly at 25min and according to my Nike+ app, I ran 1.96miles. If I wasn’t so mentally unfocused, I could have continued just another minute and completed 2 full miles. Grrrr!

How do you stay focused?

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  1. Rebecca Walker says

    I don’t. I’ve been working out regularly for going on 30 years, and I very seldom get in a zone. I operate by the Nike motto “Just Do It.” I just keep pushing through until I meet my goal, whether it’s time, distance or completing the class. Some of us just aren’t those “easy endorphin” naturals who can actually enjoy the process. I settle for enjoying the feeling of having done it.

  2. says

    I can never seem to get focused. I try deep breathing, but it’s a no go. Music tends to help me push through, but I still have difficulty focusing. The other day it was so hot out that I had to call it quits after 1.60 miles. I just couldn’t get past the heat. Good luck!

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