Passover Bimuelos-A Family Recipe


Today I am guess-blogging over at Cook Kosher and we are starting to cook up a storm for some amazing Passover festivities! Don’t know what Bimuelos are? Well…they are a family jewel and a Sephardic treat that I grew up with and can LIVE on. So..head on over to Cook Kosher to see my full […]

Blood Orange Polenta Cake


  I am beginning to learn that it is OK in admitting I am not perfect. I know…travesty, isn’t it? Not everything I bake, create and sauce up has to be Martha Stewart approved and Bon-Appetite worthy. I am incredibly competitive in the kitchen and get crazy when the batter is too gloppy. Am I […]

Gluten Free Hamantaschen for Purim


  Purim is upon us at Sun down tonight. The festival of fun and laughter, games and noise. I remember celebrating Purim when I was little in Jewish school. I haven’t made hamantaschen in at least 10 years, but missed it so much and found this year the perfect time to start again. Hamantaschen is broken […]