Top Recipes and Reflections of 2011

Culinarily speaking (is that a word?) 2011 has been an interesting year of creativity, talent and fun challenges.
Lately I’ve been reading Dr. John Demartini’s Facebook statuses. He is a wonderful behavioral specialist and
educator and always posts true, honest, spiritual insight-it makes me happy.
He posted this today:
As you reflect on 2011, think about what you have accomplished during the course of this year. It is wise to think of what you have achieved in the different areas of your life.

1. Spiritually what have you achieved?
2. Vocationally what have you achieved?
3. Mentally what have you achieved?
4. Financially what have you achieved?
5. Familial what have you achieved?
6. Physically what have you achieved?
7. Socially what have you achieved?

My Responses:
‎1) Spiritually- Pray more often (to myself)
2) Vocationally- Earned an Associates Degree and will be transferring to a University this Spring. Blog is growing. Have been featured in several newspapers, online articles and other blogs.
3) Mentally- Better self-awareness
4) Financially- Earned income from blog, baking and food sales.
5) Family- Reconnecting with cousins/second cousins I didn’t know I had (fathers side). Getting closer to Mom’s side of family too. :)
6) Physically- Haven’t gained 50 lbs (especially with all the baking recently!)
7) Socially- Have become a part of an amazing network of bloggers, fabulous cooks and photographers.
What have you accomplished in 2011?
Even though I have only been blogging for about 6 months, I thought it would be fun to reflect on some of my favorite recipes of the last year and share them with all of you again!

What would you like to see in the food blogs this coming year?
Thanks for becoming a part of my kitchen! I can not wait to cook up a storm in 2012!
Happy New Year!

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