The Ultimate Burger!

This IS the ultimate burger! Not to pat ourselves on the back or anything… is.
The intense flavors of all the ingredients melding together in the perfect bite, makes you forget about the amount of fat coating around the insides of your mouth.
This is also a teamed, all day affair. The Dutch of the kitchen starts several hours before dinner time, caramelizing red onions until melted down and caramelized. The natural sugars of the onions can’t help but pour themselves out, creating in a sweet and buttery onion marmalade. Baby portabello mushrooms are added to the process about half way in-long and slow.
The ultimate flavor lies in the meat. This is no, let’s get the cheapest or leanest cut. This IS the ultimate after all!
Wagyu chopped meat is the star! It’s fat content creates a juicy and flavorful treat. Oh…but the fun doesn’t stop there. Char-grilled and topped with melting and gooey Swiss cheese; always the perfect partner to sauteed mushrooms.
Stack up with a thick slice of dry rubbed bacon and a nice helping of sweetened heirloom tomatoes. Finalize the perfect mouthful with a spread of homemade Russian dressing ( mayo, ketchup, dash of hot sauce), and dive in to the ultimate indulgence.


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