So Simple So Sweet:Vanilla Bean Cupcakes


There is nothing better than the simplicity of vanilla cupcakes. And this is the best vanilla cupcake I have ever tasted! It’s not overly sweet and super moist! Light and not dry at all….the perfect recipe!

I think sometimes we get so caught off guard with all the extra flavors of flavourings that we forget to praise the natural flavour of pure vanilla.

This is also my first attempt with using a pastry bag! I am more of a cook than a baker, and have grown to love baking, however sometimes baking doesn’t love me!
So I am very excited to share with you the evidence of my armature work!

I have never worked with such a succulent batter. The whole milk and egg whites in this recipe give these cakes such a spongy and moist texture, it’s beautiful.

The natural specks of vanilla through out are not only for looks but also add an extension of pure, yet uncomplicated flavour profile that’s easy for everyone to sink their teeth into.

This moist cupcake recipe hails from Jaimie at My Baking Addiction. She makes some serious sweet eats, so check out her blog too!

I changed the recipe a tad and added the zest of 1 lemon to the batter. I really think that the citrus does wonderful things in baking, so I always add lemon zest in wherever I can.

I thought it would be fun to add a little sparkle, so I sprinkled some aqua blue sugar on some cupcakes and yellow edible pearls on the others.
Everyone could use a little sparkle!


  1. Stephanie @ Eat. Drink. Love. says

    These look fantastic! I saw Jamie's post a few weeks ago and it's so true that we often forget how great a simple vanilla cupcake can be! I like that you added lemon zest to the batter!

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