Rainbow on a Plate: Heirloom Tomato Salad

I LOVE tomatoes…and I mean love them! When hubby comes home with a handful of colorful heirlooms…well…I just go nuts!
This is kind of an infatuation with me. And I even take it personally when I see people pick off their slice of tomato from their sandwich. Or order something with “No tomatoes”. What! NO tomatoes?! Are you mad? Do you know what you’re missing out from these glorious old-vined sweethearts?
Now I’m not talking about those gassed up-dunno what color they should be-light reddish tomatoes that you find in between your double whopper. I’m talking about hand picked, organic, given all the love it deserves, heirloom tomato. The KING of all tomatoes!
I just go crazy for the rainbow swirls, popping out of such a modest fruit. It’s beautiful.
This is my favorite go-to lunch. Go-to anything really. I thick slice the heirloom and drizzle good quality olive oil and aged balsamic. Kosher salt, ground black pepper are added on top for flavor. Creamy avocado and bright basil give the salad more abundance and heart-healthy fat too.
Now I have to share with you the best olive oil and balsamic ever!
I just took a quick pic with my phone, because I really wanted to share these life-changing ingredients with you.
This olive oil is like no-other. I don’t ever use it for cooking because it has such a strong flavor. When you take a whiff of it, this oil smells sweet and floral. The taste is buttery and not overpowering. The bottle has a small nozzle, because this is a drizzling olive oil and not a “pouring” one.
It’s not cheap, but sooo worth it! I found this olive oil at Whole Foods and have never been the same since.
As for the balsamic, well…this will knock your socks off.
I first laid my lips on condensed balsamic when hubby and I were vacationing in Italy. We were staying in Rome, but drove up to Tuscany and stayed at the Verazzano Winery for the day to do a wine and food tasting/pairing.
There is a whole store behind this too! Long store short, when I lived in Brooklyn, my mom and I had an apartment on the 21st floor with full views of the Verrazzano Bridge. In addition, to make the story more uncanny. My moms best friends from Brooklyn (who worked in the same building), moved to Hawaii at the same time my mother and I did, and when hubby and I were planning an Italy vacay (years later)…guess who else was going at the same time….our friends! So funny…catch all that?

Views of Tuscany

As soon as we got home, we HAD to get this balsamic. Villa Mandori was the chosen one. It is condensed and thick. Sweet and tangy. A little goes a long way. And from then on, this aged masterpiece was glistening our tomatoes ever since. You can also find this vinegar at Whole Foods, and I promise you, you will never look at balsamic vinegar the same way again.


  1. Dawnie @ The Coach's Wife's Kitchen says

    Oh my favorite summer appetizer! There is nothing better than reduced or condensed balsamic and garden fresh tomatoes. YUM

  2. Stephanie @ Eat. Drink. Love. says

    Cool story about the balsamic vinegar. I don't have a Whole Foods where I love, but I will see if I can track it down somehow!

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